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Data line companies talk about iPhone X and iPhone金沙

Date:2018-05-28 Hits:42
According to data line company understand: Beijing time in September 13th at 1 a.m., Apple Corp held a new release conference, the first release of Apple Watch 3, Apple TV and iPhone 8, and a special version of iPhone X, the product is the most dazzling iPhone X and iPhone 8. This is the most revolutionary new product conference since iPhone 10th anniversary, which can be said to be full of innovative brightness. Our data line company has also released a new iPhone data line, compatible with iPhone X and iPhone 8 mobile phones.-金沙
The appearance of iPhone 8 series has not changed significantly, and the material and performance have been slightly improved. In addition to the photo and camera functions promoted by the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 series implements the function of the AR (augmented reality), which has a very good effect on dynamic capture. Using the A11 Bionic processor, the speed is faster than the previous A10 by 30%, and it also supports wireless charging. IPhone 8 launched a new color matching - red gold.-js383金沙