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Date:2018-10-04 Hits:51
Apple's mobile phone has come out to the 8th generation. Xiaobian believes that even if Apple comes out to the 9th and 10th generations, Apple's data line will still stick to the Lightning interface, because Apple's data line with such an interface can be said to be household-known, it is impossible to change in a short time, and there is a chip in it that can tell the truth from the fake, MFI authentication chip. .
The chip is managed by Apple's authorized manufacturer, which charges about $1 to Apple. At present, Apple has about 800 million users worldwide, so it is almost impossible for Apple to give up such huge profits to invest in TYPE C.

Apple's Lightning interface was released on September 12, 2012, along with the iPhone 5, which meant that Apple had officially replaced its nine-year-old 30-pin Dock interface. In fact, the Lightning cable itself is a USB 2.0 + 2A design, that is, it is not much different from the normal USB cable, the iPhone has not supported fast charging, and the Lightning interface and wire specifications are also related.
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